Denis Bergeron


Worked in Spectrum Management at the Department of Communications (DOC) and at Industry Canada (IC). Retired in 2011.

A travaillé dans la gestion du spectre au Ministère des Communications (MDC) et chez Industrie Canada (IC). A pris sa retraite en 2011.



It is with great emotion that I must inform everyone that over the next few weeks 3 managers from DSMS: Normand Trickey, Alain Leduc and Denis Bergeron will leave for a well deserved retirement.


Each has left his mark on the Spectrum Management Program and were very involved in the development of our IT tools for Spectrum Management.


Normand Trickey played an important role in the development, upgrade and support for ISOC.  In particular, the integration of ISOC and Spectrum Explorer; the development of the capability to display the location of the source of signals using the input from our monitoring system, the deployment of a VPN communication system to connect remote systems and vehicles; and the planning, installation and support of the monitoring systems for the 2010 Olympics and the G8/G20.


Normand will leave us on April 27th, 2011.


Alain Leduc has been a keen supporter of Object Oriented Software development in Spectrum Management and oversaw the development of several tools such as the Rural and Remote Broadband Systems (RRBS) and the Radio Exposure calculation for SC6 module with HiField.


Denis Bergeron was prime in the development, upgrade and support for FM/Navcom and AM Studio and was responsible for planning and deploying MKS software management system.


Alain will leave on May 16th and Denis on May 20th, 2011.


Finally, I would like to thank them for their contribution over the years and to wish them a happy retirement.


Luc Fournier

20 April 2011


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