Dave Bouzane



Former Radio Inspector (RI) with the Department of Communications. Former Spectrum Management Officer (SMO) with the Department of Industry. Retired from Industry Canada in 2011.

Ancien Inspecteur Radio (RI) au Ministère des Communications. Ancien agent de la gestion du spectre (AGS) au ministère de l'Industrie. Retraité d'Industrie Canada en 2011​.


Mr. David Bouzane Retires !



Dave Bouzane


Dear Colleagues:


It maybe in the water here in St. John's or simply the irresistible thoughts of spring in the air, however we have our 'lucky third' individual that has announced their well deserved retirement from public service.  As many of you are aware, after nearly 26 years of exemplary service our dear friend and colleague Dave has motioned that his career in "all things wireless" will officially conclude on April 29, 2011.  He in turn has chosen to enthusiastically pursue interests and matters of a tangible nature.  Regardless, his impeccable attention to detail and pursuit of excellence, particularly from a technical perspective, will no doubt allow him to undertake spectacular projects and continue to yield impressive outcomes in the future.


With this milestone quickly approaching, I ask that you consider contributing towards the purchase of a stunning artifact(s) that will bring Dave warm and pleasant thoughts of having had the good fortune of working along side, and being associated with, such outstanding yet caring professionals.


I ask that you graciously consider forwarding such contributions and/or considerations by Friday, April 15th to Jeff or myself. Dave has asked that we celebrate with him over lunch on Thursday, April 21st, his last day in the office.  Specific details will follow shortly.

Many thanks,


Henry Klain

Director of Operations | Directeur des Opérations

Spectrum Management Operations Branch | Direction générale des opérations de la gestion du spectre

Spectrum, Information Technologies and Telecommunications | Spectre, des technologies de l'information et des télécommunications

Industry Canada | Industrie Canada

Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada

30 March 2011


Obituary - Avis de décès

Dave Bouzane




David (Dave) Dominic Bouzane


Former Department of Communications (DOC) Radio Inspector from Newfoundland and Labrador  -  Retired from Industry Canada in 2011

Passed Away on 14 October 2014



Dave Bouzane


David Dominic Bouzane, a man of utmost strength and character, cherished every moment with family and friends. His beautiful wife Beulah is and always will be his best friend, his rock, his everything. She and his son Dion David, daughter Debbie, and grandchildren Kaitlyn Nadine Bouzane, Nicholas David Bouzane, and Megan Elizabeth Bouzane were his entire reason for life. He adored them beyond anything words might describe.

Dave had the ability to find strength in everything and good in everyone. He received respect from all around him simply by giving respect to all around him. So knowledgeable, so skilled, so genuine, so gentle, kind and caring, there is nothing he wouldn’t do for anyone, anytime. Such an extraordinary man can never be replaced, but can be remembered always.

A man of this stature has strong roots. His parents Joe and Kate Bouzane have a wonderful family with brothers and sisters Harold (Drift) Bouzane, Roy and Patricia (Toose) Bouzane, Gordon Bouzane, Terry and Cathy Bouzane, Tony and Helen Bouzane, Cynthia and Gary Budgell, Paula and Wayne Mills, and Gerry and Donna Hynes. They have the unwritten, unbreakable bond that lasts forever.

The Peyton family gives nothing but strength to Dave and Beulah’s life. Claude and Rose Peyton and family - Lois and George Barrett, Suzanne and Eugene (Tunker) Campbell, Juanita Rose and Calvin Freeman, and Valerie and Mark Kingsbury have always been closer to his heart then anyone might realize and have been important to him in every part of life.

The families are filled with many beautiful nieces and nephews whom he loved dearly and deeply, each in their own special way.

“If” by Rudyard Kipling is a poem cherished by Dave, more so they are words that he lived by each day.

When you see that classic car or that motorcycle rumbling down the road; when you hear the golden oldies tunes on the radio; when that motor just won’t seem to work but it’s ‘still a perfect motor’; when you witness that quiet man who has to say nothing at all to be understood; when you see that man who would selflessly sacrifice all for someone else, then think of him and smile.

Dave is so loved and has had such great impact on us all that no words can explain how lucky we are. When we are so fortunate to be blessed with a man of such grace, it is difficult to say goodbye. Instead, cherish every moment and memory that you have had fortune to share with such a great man.




I am very sadden to have learned of Dave’s passing on Tuesday afternoon.  Dave was a wonderful friend and colleague and was passionate about life. Dave only recently retired  in April of 2011, he had recently turned 67.

Henry Klain

16 October 2014



So sad to hear of this news. Dave was a great guy both on the job as a knowledgable person who was most willing to share his experience with colleagues and outside the office where he was a real gentleman. It was a pleasure knowing him and working with him. Condolences to his family and friends.

Bob Brewer

16 October 2014



I am so sorry to hear about the passing of my friend and former colleague David Bouzane. Him and I were born the same year and retired the same year. He was a gentleman and a great person. I always looked forward to meet with him whenever I visited Newfoundland and Labrador. My most sincere condoleances to the Bouzane family. Dave will be missed.

Donald Courcy

16 October 2014




To the Bouzane family, I was so sorry to hear of the sudden passing of Dave. As a former colleague of his, I have had the pleasure of working with Dave for 20+ years. You could always count on Dave to brighten your day with his witty way and little jokes. Dave was a real gentleman and he was always very helpful, knowledgeable and professional in performing his duties. Dave will be greatly missed, my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Sheldon Collins

16 October 2014


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