Pat Bruce






Pat smiles for the camera from her office

in the Surrey District Office

Wayne Choi presented Pat with a

25 Years of Service Award in 1996


Pat Bruce's Retirement

By: Ritinder Harry

Long drives to unknown destinations filled with camping, fishing, sightseeing and a myriad of other activities - this is Pat Bruce’s idea of retirement. 

Pat, Technical Administration Specialist in the Surrey District Office, will be retiring after 33 years of service on September 23, which also happens to be her birthday. “It just worked out that the 23rd would be my last day in the office,” explains Pat. “It’ll be a great birthday present!”

Pat originally began her career working with the Canadian Department of Communications. In 1993, this department merged with other departments and agencies to form Industry Canada.  During this time, Pat worked at both regional and district offices.


After 33 years in the federal public service, Pat's coworkers had nothing but positive things to say about her. "She's a great person to work with - very friendly and helpful.  We're all going to miss her - I've even threatened to crazy glue her to her chair!" jokes Lena Harrison.


"Pat is one of the most cheerful people you will ever meet," explains Kulwant Gill. "She's always smiling!"

“We will definitely miss her energy, expertise and professionalism,” shares Joan Nodge from the Surrey office. “And most of all - seeing her smiling face everyday! She definitely deserves recognition and appreciation for contributing to the quality of our working life.”


And whoever said retirement is boring has not heard Pat’s plans for the next few months.

Pat and her husband Jim recently sold their Abbotsford home and are relocating to Enderby, BC. “The move should keep us busy for a while,” explains Pat, who has already started packing.

Avid travellers, Pat and Jim have also begun preparing for a five-month cross-country RV trip to Nova Scotia in May 2005. "It’s a great way to travel - you have the adventures of the open road, but get to enjoy the comforts of home," explains Pat.


On behalf of everyone in the Pacific Region - best wishes to both you and Jim.  Enjoy your retirement Pat!  


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 October 1997 - Spectrum Management Training - Prince George, British Columbia

Octobre 1997 - Formation dans la gestion du spectre - Prince George, Colombie Britannique


Cloverdale monitoring station

(Scroll down to the last photo. Pat is in the group photo)