John Nosotti


Joined the Department of Transport (DOT) in 1968. Retired from Industry Canada (IC) in 2005.

Entré au ministère des Transports (DOT) en 1968. Retraité d'Industrie Canada (IC) en 2005.



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John Nosotti has retired from Industry Canada after 37 years with the Public Service.


Vic DeCloux hired John in 1968 from St Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology and we can see him on one of the early TIRL photo taken at the Air Services Training School in Ottawa.. John remained  at the Toronto District office for 22 years and worked his way up to Manager.


In 1990, he won a competition in Vancouver and moved west for the remainder of his career, 16 years, before retiring as the District Director of Northern BC/Yukon District Office.


John has held positions in the Pacific Region as Spectrum Manager in the Lower Mainland and Prince Rupert, Portfolio Manager in Vancouver and most recently Director for Northern BC/Yukon, including responsibility for Regional Spectrum Control and Compliance Programs.


Some of the big events of his career included the Popes visit and the G8 Economic conference in Toronto. John mentions that he had the privilege of heading up the National team that brought in the changes to the amateur service and the maritime mobile service.


The experience in the north of BC and Yukon was amazing for him because the commodity markets were just getting going with mining and oil. Of course the Pine Beetle created miles of brown forests and had a huge impact on one of BC's prime industries.

During those years, John wrote numerous articles in departmental publications, from interference to the maritime service to IRMA .


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