The Radio Licence Is Gone


What is the latest news to-day?

The radio licence is gone.

On every corner you hear folk say,

"The radio licence is gone.

" Whene'er that you turn on the news

Or listen to the budget views

The part that scares away all blues-

The Radio Licence is gone!


No more we'll have to rack our brain,

The radio licence is gone,

 To try to get the thing again

The radio licence is gone.

No more will it take away our sport

When we hear the flash report

-About the people brought to court!

The radio licence is gone!


The best in life at last is free,

The radio licence is gone.

There's no more dough for the C.B.C.

The radio licence is gone.

But cheer up, boys, don't be afraid,

 There are other means that will be made,

 You can bet your life that you'll be paid;



G.H. Hierllhy


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